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Rai is the concessionarie of the public service in Italy. The company has many television channels, radio and satellite channels on the platform of terrestrial digital. Opera BVS has collaborated with Rai for sporting events, programmes of chronicle, shows and information programs.

Mediaset, founded in 1978, is the first private television corporation founded on the national Italian scene. His offering includes analog television channels and many television channels on digital terrestrial. For Mediaset, Opera BVS has made the filming of shows, Formula 1 championship, lots of Champions League and information programmes.

Sky, Italian digital pay tv, was born 31 July 2003. the digital platform of Sky includes more than 180 thematic channels pay per view. For Sky, Opera BVS has cured the filming of the lots of Volley series A, some games of football series A,
A lots of Rugby and some trasmissions of information.

La7 is a television broadcaster private belonging to Telecom Italia Group. After the launch in Italy terrestrial digital tv format, La7 has launched the service of pay-tv for the sport programmes and films. For La7, Opera BVS has cured the filming of programmes of chronicle, news and sports broadcasting.

Infront Sports & Media is an experienced international full service sports marketing company with a capacity for innovation that is helping to transform the industry. These innovations have enhanced every area of sports marketing, including distribution of rights, host broadcast, programme production, event operation and sponsorship.

TV 2000
TV 2000 is the network of owned by CEI. The broadcaster in the clear 24 hours on 24, and is visible free on the satellite, on digital terrestrial, on the internet site in streaming and on many local broadcasters in analog. Opera BVS has followed for TV 2000 numerous travels of the Pope, the Eucharistic Congress in Bari, the Ecclesial Congress National in Verona and the work of the assemblies of Bishops in the Vatican.

The BBC is the most important broadcasting company of the United Kingdom. The BBC offers a regular trasmissions service, programs production and information services. The BBC is considered one of the most authoritative broadcasting operators all over the world for the strict production rules and data reporting. Opera BVS has done for the BBC numerous live on the occasion of European football championship.

Eurosport is the European television network for sports events that transmits on satellite. Eurosport proposes the Olympic Games, the UEFA Champions League, the Paris-Dakar, the games of tennis, the events of the World Championship, the GP2 and the competitions of Skateboarding, snooker and surf. Opera BVS has done for Eurosport the filming of some games of Champions League of volleyball men and women.

Sportitalia 24
Sportitalia 24 is an Italian television channel that transmits sports events. The daily programming of this broadcaster including games. Proposes games of more popular sports (both live and deferred transmissions), and information programs. Opera BVS has done the live of many transmissions, and links from many Italian places.

Italian Federation playing Handball
The Italian Federation playing Handball, called F.I.G.H., founded in Rome in 1969, is intented to promove, organize and regulate the sport of Handball in all its forms. The F.I.G.H. is recognized by CONI. Opera BVS, official sponsor of the F.I.G.H., realizes for the federation the lives of the games of the Italian Championship Elite and the finals of Italian Cup.

Italian Federation Fencing
The Italian Federation Fencing (FIS) is intented to promove the fencing in Italy. The FIS is recognized by CONI and by
Fédération Internationale d'Escrime (FIE). Born in its present form in 1933, the FIS has won 107 medals, for this the fencing is the Italian sport more decorated. Opera BVS has done for the FIS the direct of the finals of the World Championships women’s Sabre.

Serie C Professionals League
Opera BVS has done the direct television of the Championships of football third division.

Lega basket
The Serie A is the top professional basketball league Italian. It is organized, delegated by the Italian Basketball Federation, by the League Basketball.
Besides the realization of the Serie A, The Opera s.c. has also managed the Television implementation of all events related to the Series A (as Italian Final Eight and Supercup) and also the Euroleague Basketball for FOX Sports and Basketball Champions League televised by Rai.

Fiat is the largest industrial group in Italy. Fiat is among the founders of the European car industry. For the FIAT Group, Opera BVS shot some documentaries and has organized the firming of the establishment of Melfi.

Italian Volleyball Federation
Opera BVS has cured the filming of games of the Italian Championship of Rugby.

ACI Sport
For ACI Sport, L'Opera s.c. has edited the shooting of Automobile Italian Championships, and racing of Gran Turismo, Formula 4 and TCR and races.

Telenorba is the group of Puglia that manages three broadcaster: Telenorba7, Telenorba8, and Imagross Sport. The network is specialized in television production, film and multimedia. From 2005, Telenorba forward on digital terrestrial television. Opera BVS has collaborated with Telenorba implementing numerous concerts and events for the spectacle and producing the celebrations at San Giovanni Rotondo for the sanctification of Father Pio.

The consortium COPEX is born from meeting of five companies of the land of Puglia. They operate in the field of industry, the craft sector, technology and have the common purpose to cure the quality and style of their products. For the consortium Copex, Opera BVS has cured the shooting, post-production and duplication of 4 movies intended to the foreign market.

ACCA Software
ACCA Software is leader in the field of software for the construction industry. For Acca Software, Opera BVS has shoot the advertisement broadcast on networks went Rai and Mediaset.

Cotap is a consortium of tourist promotion with registered office in Foggia that proposes to carry out promotional activities to increase tourism in Apulia. For the Cotap, Opera BVS has shoot some documentaries for the tourist promotion.

DauniAgriEx is a consortium that care the promotion abroad
of food and agricultural products from Apulia. Opera BVS care for Dauniagriex movies and the media that use in the European events to which the consortium has.

The Tavoliere
The Tavoliere is a consortium promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Foggia that has the aim of promoting the wine-gastronomic products within the city of Foggia. The authorities which have given their patronage to consortium are, the town of Foggia, the Province of Foggia, the town of Cerignola and the Municipality of Lucera. For the Tavoliere consortium Opera BVS has cured the production of movies entitled “the products of a generous land”

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